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Drawing and painting
The first thing people ask us is: „Can I come even though I am no good in drawing? “ We say: „You most certainly can! “

The painting studio takes place every Monday and Wednesday evenings from September until May (from 5 PM until 7.30 PM).
You can join us any time during this period, since every person gets individual attention.

Most of the students have not had any previous experience in drawing or painting. Just the opposite of the widely spread false opinion, both drawing and painting are learnable.
Every student will find his or her favourite technique and topic. Whatever is your choice, every art lesson will take you far away from everyday worries and troubles. We draw still lives, different forms, portraysetc. We use graphite, coal and sanguine.
When your hand has acquired the primary proficiency, we will move on to the basics of painting. The teacher introduces the materials and means necessary for painting and further on you will be engaged in painting and analyzing your works.
The more skills you acquire and the more proficient you will become, the more professional your work will be and the more complicated the tasks will become.

We use acrylic, aquarelle, and oil colors and pastels.

Acrylic is modern and contemporary in its nature. It is most definitely comfortable to work with; it is easily soluble in water and quickly paintable. You can use a brush, spatula or even an old credit card for painting.
Almost any surface is suitable for acrylic painting. The only important thing is that it has to be oil-free. It can be canvas, paper, timber, cardboard, fiberboard of wood or even glass or concrete. Acrylic has even been used for covering stones, clay surfaces, plastic, plaster and stucco surfaces.

Aquarelle painting is like opalescence on water surface. The opalescence of the water is brought out and made alive by the colors we use. The result is beautiful, delicate and subtle.

Pastel is a dry color pigment and the soft chalk-like stick made out of this pigment is used for drawing and painting.
Pastel crayons enable you to paint, sketch, fuse, cover and mix colors. Since there is such a wide variety to choose from, the pastels are very much favored by the beginners.

There is not need to have any prior experience to participate in the courses. All materials and tools are provided by us. Welcome!

During the period of 10th of February 2010 until 31st of January 2011 the Start-up and Development Grant of Enterprise Estonia helped OÜ Rakvere Loovuskeskus to implement marketing activities and create the webpage. The project is co-financed by European Social Fund.