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Performance Appraisal as a System
This course is tailored for an organisation that desires to adopt the model of systematic and methodological performance appraisal and compile assisting guiding material for that purpose.
We establish preconditions for improved work efficiency and synergy between the employer and the employee. A secure and verifiable channel of feedback is established. We create basics for regular and sustainable evaluation of training necessity; analysis of the abilities and motivation of an employee; clarifying and mapping work-related “bottlenecks”. We improve the climate within the team and communication in the organisation.  
  • The participants have acquired necessary know-how of adopting systematic performance appraisal in the organisation and practical skills of conducting performance appraisals effectively.
  • An objective and systematic basis for evaluation of the employees have been established (by which the competence, abilities, motivation and expectations are clarified).
By the implementation of performance appraisal, the latent reserves of the managers are clarified, organisational climate is improved and preconditions for improvement of the organisational reputation have been established. The evaluation of the training necessity is improved.

During the period of 10th of February 2010 until 31st of January 2011 the Start-up and Development Grant of Enterprise Estonia helped OÜ Rakvere Loovuskeskus to implement marketing activities and create the webpage. The project is co-financed by European Social Fund.