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Self-empowerment and solving conflicts
Confrontation and conflict situations are a part of our everyday life. Very often we do not recognize those situations. A conflict may carry a positive result but mostly it is not so. Solving such situations is usually difficult and demands certain type of skills.
The ability to manage conflicts, solve and recognize them makes your team stronger, more united and successful.
  • After the training, the managers’ ability to solve critical situations between the individuals as well as the ability to analyse the information received from the employees, has been developed.
  • A certain armoury of self-empowerment has been established for the manager. That helps the manager to engage and direct employees.
  • The participants receive knowledge and skills trough practical exercises and role-plays about how to communicate one’s needs clearly and feel stress-free as well as to be convincing in work-related dialogues.
With the help of practical examples we show how to work with rebels and team poisoners and find support for that in law of labour agreement and in law of public service.

During the period of 10th of February 2010 until 31st of January 2011 the Start-up and Development Grant of Enterprise Estonia helped OÜ Rakvere Loovuskeskus to implement marketing activities and create the webpage. The project is co-financed by European Social Fund.