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Stress management
Difficulties, uncertainty, intensive workload, complicated tasks and increasing responsibility causes problems to increasing number of people. Problems and situations that need solving are inevitably transferred to our private lives.
Stress is a status of your body that has been caused by tensions during a longer period of time. The hidden sides of stress cause health defects from an aching head to a hurting back. A person that is stressed has a diminished cheerfulness and ability to enjoy work and people surrounding him.
Stress is a modern disease and the most important thing is to recognize and prevent stress in a positive way, i.e. manage stress.

  • Participants understand that dealing with the results of stress is more expensive than conscious directing of stress and prevention of it.
  • Participants gather and acquire a lot of tools to use when recognizing and solving stress.
The participants can organize the work of their own and their employees in a goal oriented way in time-limited intervals. That provides higher efficiency at work and compliancy with achievements.

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