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Successful negotiations
Negotiations at the workplace, at home or in business is a part of our everyday life. Successful negotiations provide us with desired result and fulfilment of goals. It might be business profit, implementation of an innovative idea or a peacefulness of a happy family.
The most important thing with negotiations is preparation, self-confidence, performance, ability to convince and feel empathy, read and express body language. Also, reading different signs, self-empowerment and ability to conclude an agreement.

  • Participants are able to recognize, interpret and use different important factors (body language, attitudes, appearances, eye-contact, features of the voice, tone and mimics) at the negotiations
  • The participants are able to control and manage themselves during negotiations and direct the process of negotiations towards the direction they need.
The participants can prepare themselves for negotiations and prevent and solve unplanned critical situations and are able to clarify which of the claims of the opponent/partner are untrue.

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