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Time management and work efficiency
Why do my colleagues manage more during their workday than me? What to begin with and what is beneficial for me? Are all activities necessary for me?
If you wish to acquire an advantage before others both at work and private life and alter your dreams into specific goals and achieve them – this is a practical training course just for you.

  • Participants acquire knowledge about the greatest time wasters and hinders of work efficiency.
  • Participants are able to adjust and divide their time and resources better using goal orientation and prioritizing.
  • Participants have understood that insufficient skills of work planning and lack of will have been the obstacles in achieving better results and saving time. The participants are able to enjoy their everyday work better.

During the period of 10th of February 2010 until 31st of January 2011 the Start-up and Development Grant of Enterprise Estonia helped OÜ Rakvere Loovuskeskus to implement marketing activities and create the webpage. The project is co-financed by European Social Fund.