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Summer feeling
 ... is an enjoyable two-day event that provides individual development. Our goal is to guarantee you the best summer experience through creativity and joint activity and inspiring team building. Wonderful environment – an ancient captain village of Käsmu on the seashore will just add to this experience.

1st day: When you arrive to the village, our trainers will welcome you in Lainela Puhkeküla which will be your place of stay for some days. You have left the gloomy fall and a long winter behind you and finally reached the wonderful summer destination. Personal worries and work-related troubles will be left behind! We have several years of experience with „Summer feeling“-course and it is like a jewel that is polished every year by making it finer and more enjoyable.
After checking in the premises and putting down your luggage, we will all gather in the common area where you can refresh yourselves with delicious snacks, aromatic coffee or tea. You will be able to get to know the organizing team better. Our first 2 hours are spent on the seaside where the course teachers Jule and Sirje together with their assistants will give you the first introduction to the course so that you can forget the everyday troubles and indulge yourself in the infinity of creativity and art. Everything that has seemed so faraway and unattainable is now in front of you to see and touch.
A sommelier will soon distract you from the charms of creativity leading you to the table set outside. The connoisseur of wine will take you to the world of tastes, fragrances of wines, grapes and origin of wines, the joys and etiquette of drinking and serving wines. This will be accompanied by degustation.

After that you will get back to the world of creation for about another hour to be followed by the presentation and explanation of the works by the authors. The works are not evaluated – everything you have done is beautiful and wonderful. During the whole time, dedicated teachers will assist and lead you all the way.

When the evening comes, you can enjoy a playful and fun teambuilding event. This is not a meaningless inside activity but a true adventure! Laugh and sparkling eyes of all participants are guaranteed. That will be followed by the dinner that can be made by the participants themselves. The day will be finished by a beautiful night concert arranged by a local and acknowledged local musician. This will be a day memorized by everybody for a long time to come.
2nd day:  After morning coffee and breakfast, you are able to take part in the guided tour in the sea museum Käsmu Meremuuseum. After that an adventure awaits – visiting the tiny island Kuradisaar. Depending on the tide, it can be either a wet or a very wet undertaking – but this is part of fun! The island Kuradisaar (Devil’s Island) is the paradise for ornithologists and the best professional photos of you in the midst of the wild nature are guaranteed by the organizers.

On returning from the adventure, you and your team can still have a two-hours meeting as the conclusion for the entire stay. After that all participants receive souvenirs and prizes. The representative of the organization or a team will receive a certificate. After the official ending of the course, all the participants are able to stay and enjoy the pleasures of the beaches nearby.
Releasing creativity and creation of happiness: One could also say that it is an art course; however, it is much more than an art course.  During 3,5 hours you are able to discover the creator of higher values in yourself. Painting on a framed canvas or a piece of wood, making a plaster mask, felting an aromatic soap, fret-work and so on.  Everything you have created is yours.

Wine course that lasts for about an hour an a half is a fun event led by a connoisseur. You are able to taste different wines and the sommelier will tell you about making wines, the role of grapes, drinking wine, etiquette of serving wines, flavor and odor of the wines. You will be able to test 3 white and 3 red quality wines from different continents. We offer a selection of cheese, fresh fruits and water to the wine degustation.

Team building: A cool and speedy undertaking is a good opportunity to integrate people that do not have any special contact with each other during the work day.The team that is divided into smaller teams or pairs will have fun games outside where both mind and body are in action.You will not regret – fun and laughs by entire team are guaranteed!

Dinner:Depending on the group, we offer freshly grilled salmon, grilled poultry, stewed vegetables, cooked rice and pasta, roasted mushrooms, olives, fresh salad and fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks. As a dessert you will be served delicious sweets from well-known bakery Pihlaka and aromatic coffee or tea.

Private night concert: Immediately after dinner, you can enjoy a very private concert by a local (Lääne-Virumaa) musician or a group of musicians.
The repertoire is soft and smooth accompanied by piano, guitar, saxophone, bass viol. The concert lasts for about 30-45 min.

Visiting Käsmu Sea Museum and island Kuradisaar: In Käsmu Sea Museum you will get a guided tour by the owner of the museum himself. His humorous explanations and the cozy museum itself will be an enjoyable morning event. Later on an adventure awaits you all – conquering the island of Kuradisaar. In order to reach the Kuradisaar (Devil’s Island), you will have to pass a short path that is located under water! About 700-900 meters and splashes of water and you will find yourself in a paradise of every ornithologist, where intact nature, sea sounds and scenic forest will make your day. The whole trip to the island will be captured by organizers on photographs and you will get them as the memory from this day.
On the second day you will be able to have a meeting for a couple of hours with a moderator. The topic and goals of the meeting are for you to choose and decide.

Methodology for the course:  The “Summer feeling” is conducted as a fun and relaxing pastime.  Our organizers are with you for 24 hours, offering help, directing you, consulting and having fun together with you. We are there for you, not the opposite.

Why "Summer feeling"?: This is the event that has gathered a lot of positive feedback over the years and we have made it better year by year. The sun, the sea, picturesque captains’ village, close to the capital of Tallinn, professional organizational team consisting of artists; good food and wonderful wine training – this is “Summer Feeling”. Enjoyable night concert, adventurous team building games and a trip to Kuradisaar – it is an event where participants do not have to worry about anything.
The price includes:
·  Preparations, organizing and carrying out the event
·  Necessary materials for the creative activities (framed canvases, paints, brushes, coloured glass, glue, plastic, plaster, felt, soap, knives for cutting glass, means for felting etc)
· active participation of 3-5 trainers during the course
· 3 meals
· accommodation for 1 night on the territory of Lainela Puhkeküla (in tents or in cabins - according to the customer’s wish)
·  showering possibilities (for extra fee, participants can use sauna on the seashore)
·  Private concert and wine degustation with snacks
·  surprise prizes and acknowledgement bonuses for the most active participants
·  framed and beautiful A3-format certificate about the participation of the organization or a team for the representative of the organization or team
·  Quality digital photographs about participants during entire Summer Feeling event

During the period of 10th of February 2010 until 31st of January 2011 the Start-up and Development Grant of Enterprise Estonia helped OÜ Rakvere Loovuskeskus to implement marketing activities and create the webpage. The project is co-financed by European Social Fund.